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  • 2014 studentI want to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and supervision this summer during my internship with the United States Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN. This amazing research opportunity this summer has assisted me in further development of my analytical and scientific skills as well as my ability to implement individual projects and function as a leading contributor on various team projects. As a rising sophomore at Spelman College, I obtained advanced knowledge within the Plant Microbe Division. I was given one individual project that consisted of screening co-culture bacterial and fungal Isolates from Populous rhizosphere and co-regulated flagella and type III secretion system (T3SS) mutants on Laccaria bicolor, analyzing the growth rates of each bacterial and fungal isolates, and bacteria versus bacteria cultures. The second project consisted of sequencing dif ferent strains of fungus DNA, inoculating millet with fungi, planting populous plants with millet inoculated with fungi and determine growth rate of different strains and different media, determine mutualism (or parasitism now using Zea/Arabidopsis, determine if the strains from East Coast/West Coast are different via SSR and determine possible competitive inhibition. Also, I was offered another opportunity to attend the Spallation Neutron Conference 2014 this summer in Oak Ridge, TN. This conference was only offered to post-doctoral students and experienced scientists and I was highly recommended to attend this conference as an outstanding scholar. I was surrounded by individuals that wanted me to be exposed to a higher learning experiences while interning at this particular site. Being in the atmosphere of professionals has inspired me to continue my desire to pursue scientific research.
  • This experience was more than I could have expected and allowed me the freedom to develop and maintain individual activities as a professional member of the team. I actually felt like a major contributor in the weekly planning sessions and I was able to independently assist with other team projects. Working for ORNL helped me use the knowledge I have acquired over the past year as a college student as well as the skills I have developed during my previous encounters. I would love to be a part of MEISPP next summer at any location! The knowledge and wisdom this internship has imparted upon me has been a great help that will support my career aspirations. I want to express my deepest gratitude the Department of Energy for sponsoring this internship!
  • My title was Research Analyst. I analyzed project and earned value management documents/manuals for conciseness and clarity for OECM project implementation. I also traveled as an ambassador of OECM to several DOE science laboratories where I toured, observed and reported observations of DOE cutting-edge technology to my mentor. I was also able to participate and contribute to an External Independent Review (EIR) of DOE's ZR-Project at a laboratory in Albuquerque, NM. I was assigned the task of determining procedures to be used in accomplishing objectives and establishing milestones for the resolution of project management problems, with the focal point being "lessons learned" taken from conference participants to better understand the weaknesses as well as strengths in the project management processes.

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  • StudentI am an Industrial engineer by major and I was able to work with logistics and systems engineering, which is right along with IE. I also would like to add that it [the internship] helped me get away from the pure engineering side of things. I am interested in more of an engineering management career and the DOE is a great place to be for that.

    The work that I did this summer related pretty much to what my major is because I had to do a lot of brain storming, presentations and proposal writing for activities that were held at the lab this past summer and for some that are to come in the future.
  • I am a physics major and a space enthusiast. I could not have found a better office to work in for the summer. Although most of the people here are engineers, there is one physics PhD and most of the material I worked on was directly related to what I learned in school just last semester. It was also great to work with NASA because someday I hope to work there.
  • This work was related to my major of chemical engineering because in this field of study it is important to understand the properties of chemicals and their interactions with solvents, specifically water.
  • It matched my academic preparation and reconfirmed my interest to work in the field of environmental management.
  • The reports and presentations that I worked on are definitely related to my academic major. Perhaps I could have done more technical work, but overall the assignments were good matches for my major and professional area of interest.
  • The work was not related to my major but I was open to it as a long term interest. The work was interesting and fun, and gave possibilities for future advancement. I was ready for any subject matter.

Please note that the selection of interns is not premised upon racial factors or preference nor are individuals penalized based upon racial factors. Students from all accredited institutions of higher education can apply and will be considered; however, all applicants MUST be enrolled (full-time) as a student in the fall of 2020.