As a MEISPP intern with the U.S. Department of Energy, I am responsible for creating an Implementation Model (IM) for the state of Texas (and soon Mississippi) within the Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program (WIP). This IM will serve as a guide for Municipally Owned Utilities (MOUs) to save on spending and reducing energy consumption for Texas. It will also serve as a model for other states to mirror from as well. I have also been given the responsibility of blogging pertinent information regarding the wonderful energy efficient contributions DOE makes in the world. Additionally, I am helping to write and format the interoffice newsletter Amped Up!, which highlights specific DOE employees whose efforts and contributions make DOE the successful entity it has always been. These assignments are very beneficial for me because they are allowing my writing skills to develop more, as well as aiding in utilizing my degrees in English. I am proud that I am able to have such a great responsibility to write for The U.S. Department of Energy, and could not have asked for a better opportunity.