MEISPP helped me break into the world of STEM and the federal government


Joining the Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program (MEISPP) allowed me to break into the STEM field. MEISPP achieves this by giving students-the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists, engineers, and other top professionals at the Department of Energy Headquarters in D.C. and even at the Department of Energy National Labs! This experience boosted my resume and opened the door to future opportunities in STEM for me, including a job offer from the DOE National Lab in Idaho Falls and multiple offers from PhD programs impressed with my diversified skill set. 

I was able to live and work comfortably in Washington, D.C. and have savings left over!

MEISPP is a unique internship-- students are actually compensated well! Interns receive a bi-weekly student stipend for 40 hours of work, 5 days a week. They also do not have to cover the cost of housing, only the cost of getting to and from work (which is usually via metro). This allowed for me to live comfortably and even have some cash saved up by the time I left! It was not uncommon for students to join the internship and save most of their earnings. This is easy since D.C. has tons of free stuff to do, including festivals, museums, and cultural events every week! If you are feeling like spending a little dough, you have access to some of the world’s finest restaurants and concerts while you are there over the summer (and plenty of new friends to enjoy them with)!

I was able to help others

When working for the Department of Energy, or any federal job for that matter, you are serving the public. There are a plethora of roles at the DOE that allow you to positively impact the lives of the American people. During my internship, my role was to connect women and minorities to opportunities in STEM through the Office of Civil Rights.

In addition, it is a requirement of the MEISPP interns to participate in a volunteer session with their peers. This allowed me to get into the D.C. community and do my part. Last year, we volunteered at the Day of Archaeology Festival at the historic Dumbarton House in D.C., and it was a blast. Being out in the community is what public service is all about!

I made lifelong friends

The biggest reward of this internship is the lifelong friendships that you will build during your time in MEISPP. From exploring D.C., attending fun events, networking, professional skill building workshops, and living in close proximity to fellow interns, you will meet the most inspiring and hard-working people. I still frequently visit D.C. and have lunch with my old coworkers. I talk to members of my cohort all the time on social media. The networks I built while in MEISPP are priceless to me. That is what makes it the best internship in the world! I highly encourage everyone to apply.